Well, we've made it to version 4 of the website now. Finally decided to stop making things from scratch for my side projects 🤣. Laravel for the backend and a Bootstrap template for the frontend. Some data pulled from the TFT stats from the Riot API, MTG decks from the Moxfield API and tweets from the Twitter API.

My other notable project is A site for now defunct Transformer TCG from Wizards of the Coast. Another Laravel project which started as a searchable database for all the cards in the game, grew to a deck builder and eventually I started creating content for the community as well. Tried to generate some revenue from ads and affiliate links to buy cards from online retailers, worked with writers and artists to create strategy articles for the game. Tech stack used Redis for cache, Algolia for search and deployed on Digital Ocean.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

🎶 These are a few of my favourite things

If we're ever on a game show and you have to list off my favourite things, here they are in digestible point form.

  • Food: Garlic Bread
  • Drink: Coffee
  • Doritos: Cool Ranch
  • Donut: Cinnamon Tiny Toms

What is there to know about Dave? Video games and coding. That's basically it. One of my earliest memories is "playing" Flight Simulator on my dad's old monochrome screen PC. The first time we got a CGA monitor my mind was blown and ever since I started playing the first Civilization I've been forever hooked on video games.

My dad taught me Basic and I guess I thought that was so cool I'd focus the rest of my life on writing code. From DOS batch files to Java, I've finally found a home with PHP.



Dave Wong

Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Loves working at startups because they have such good snacks. I've run scrums, led small teams, coordinated with PM's, wrote tons of code, deployed to AWS, Digital Ocean and Azure. Just tell me what we're building and lets get to it 💡


Bachelor of Science Computer Science

2001 - 2006

Ryerson Univeristy, Toronto, ON

Java was the future they said. Applets will run anywhere they said. Took one LAMP stack course and fell in love with web development ❤️


My personal website. Built on Laravel, integrated with Riot's API, API and Twitter's API to make some dynamic content.

Database, deck builder and strategy article site for the now defunct Transformers TCG card game. Built on Laravel, search powered by Algolia, affiliate links to ebay and, integrated with Google Adsense and Analytics, worked with freelancers to create articles and art for the site. Card lookup bot integrated on the /r/transformerstcg subreddit.

At the game's peak popularity my sites metrics topped out at 4.3k monthly active users and over 150k monthly page views. #1 Google search result for "Transformers TCG decks" and "Transformers TCG deck builder".

Stop sharing your secrets on Slack! is simple and secure way to quickly share some data. Your secret is encrypted and the link to the secret will expire after an hour or until it is viewed once.

Source can be found on bitbucket:

Magic the Gathering deck building helper. Recommendation engine for how many mana sources you should have in your deck to cast your spells on curve. Easily import your decks from popular Magic the Gathering deck building sites.

A journal for your Wordles - Keep a log of all your Wordles, find out stats like how often you missed it by just one letter! Share your journle with your friends and follow them to see how they did everyday!



  • PHP, Laravel
  • JavaScript, Node, TypeScript
  • MySql, MariaDB, DynamoDB, Redis
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams app integrations


  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure
  • Vagrant, Docker
  • Forge
  • Envoyer
  • Laravel Vapor
  • DataDog

Professional Experience

Senior Staff Engineer

2016 - Present

Hypercontext (YC S21), Toronto, ON

  • Backend development and DevOps for the Hypercontext web app
  • Senior back end engineer, back end chapter lead, approves back end project requirements, code reviews
  • Various roles such as scrum master, team lead and devops in addition to back end software engineer
  • Test driven development. Test everything. Review everything. Deploy with confidence.

Application Developer

2013 - 2016

Jumbleberry, Toronto, ON

  • Developed and maintained the company's internal application built on Zend framework. The main focus was aggregating sales data from various third party websites (via API or web scraping) and displaying those reports for the sales team.
  • Created an internal API for the company's platform built on Phalcon framework. The backend of the original platform was migrated to this new API based platform
  • Migrated in-house web services to AWS and deployed new technologies on services such as Redis, Gearman, Consul, Chef and Doctrine
  • Created new development environments that were deployed with Chef on Vagrant that mirrored production and staging environments. Created a deployment script so the entire dev environment can be deployed on to a new machine

Web Developer

Jan 2012 - Nov 2012

Culturalite, Toronto, ON

  • PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework web development for web scraping and data aggregation.

System Engineer

2007 - 2011

STJ Retail, Toronto, ON

  • Perl, Postgres development and DevOps for Point of Sales systems.

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Hope the site is looking great in running on .

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Marvel Snap

I never thought I would ever find a game that could replace Marvel Overpower. Marvel Snap is everything I look for in a card game. It's a quick, fast paced card game where you get to build a team of your favourite Marvel heroes and villians. The location system keeps things fresh and the small deck size makes it easy to just brew and tune decks. It's a refreshing take on card games where every new game is trying to be the next Hearthstone.

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Magic the Gathering

I've been playing Magic since 94/95 started around Revised/Ice Age era. Especially after listening to Maro's Drive to Work podcast (if you have any interest in game design I highly recommend it), I really do think Magic The Gathering is probably one of the greatest games ever made.

My MTG pet project is my Battle Box which can be found here Obi's Battle Box.

Decks pulled from Deck images pulled from their server and stored locally. Updated daily.

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Commander - Izzet Disney World

Commander - Elves

Commander - Winota

Commander - Venture into the Dungeon

Commander - All the Illusions

Commander - Revel in Riches

Commander - Kalamax, the Stormsire

Commander - Budget Anje Madness

Commander - Budget Yuriko

Commander - Etrata, The Silencer

Commander - Budget Mizzix

Modern - Jund

Commander - Knights

Historic - Historic Elves

Commander - Wheel of Kess 2.0

Commander - Wheel of Kess v2

Commander - Brago

Historic - UW Control

Standard - Vorinclex Jund

Standard - Izzet Tempo

Historic - Jund Mindrange

Commander - Karametra Landfall

Commander - Wheel of Kess

Historic - Bant Control

Historic - Mono U

Commander - Tuvasa Auras

Commander - Brunatron


My top 10 tracks from the last four weeks pulled from the Spotify API.


Taylor Swift

Down Bad


Amanda Marshall






Deep Blue Something

Breakfast At Tiffany's


Jimmy Cliff

I Can See Clearly Now


Mariah Carey

Never Too Far


Spice Girls